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You plan your wedding for months, maybe even for a whole year.  You plan where you are going for your honeymoon, where you are going to stay, what you are going to see and what you are going to do but do you think about or plan for what happens on your wedding night or when the hotel door closes on the honeymoon?   Most brides these days don’t.  70% have already had a sexual relationship with their partner and assume that everything will just fall into place or they have this romantic vision of what the wedding night is “supposed to be”.  That is not always the case.  A little extra planning and some great advice from us and your wedding night and honeymoon will be without disappointments.

The Wedding Night…

What a day!   The wedding was perfect.  You started the day early with lots of running around, getting ready, and those pre-wedding pictures.  Then there was the ceremony, more pictures, reception, more pictures, dancing, more pictures…maybe you didn’t even get to eat.  At the end of the day you are a little more than tired, your feet hurt and hair and makeup are a little droopy…not feeling sexy?  Now you are “supposed” to look fantastic for your man.  Here is where we tell you to “STOP”.  Take a few minutes…give your new husband a hug!  Take a breath.  What do you do next?  Maybe the answer is SLEEP.  That is okay!  You may have to get up early for your honeymoon flight or trip and that is a good option.  Remember, you have the rest of your lives to explore each other.  Then again, maybe he can’t keep his hands off you.   So here is where a little preparation will go a long way.  We have answered some questions for you…

I am nervous and tired and don’t feel like have sex right away.  What do I do?  First of all, no matter how excited…nervousness, stress and a long day will derail even the most eager bride.  A good way to destress and relax your body for sex is to start off with some fantastic foreplay.  Foreplay allows a women’s body to prepare to engage in sex.  Foreplay helps you become aroused, which in turn allows your body to prepare for sex.  It also allows the body to begin to lubricate.  A good way to start foreplay after a long day is massage.  Using a good massage oil or lotion will allow you to give each other time to begin to relax along with being able to explore one another.  

I keep drying up and it is frustrating!   You assume that because you are aroused you will be well lubricated to enjoy sex …wrong.  Stress, nervousness, dehydration (from all the alcohol), certain medications, or forms of birth control can cause dryness.  If you are not as lubricated as you need to be, this may cause minute tears in the vaginal walls potentially causing infections.   No one wants infections on their honeymoon!  Our recommendation is a good water-based lubricant for the honeymoon.  

I am not aroused!  It is my honeymoon and I don’t want him to know.   A huge cause for not being aroused…you guessed it…the stress of the day.  A good arousal cream is recommended just in case.  Make sure that you understand how they work before you take them with you as some of these may be too strong and no one wants that either! 

I want to spice up our wedding night and make it fun.  You want to make your wedding night a little different…simple romance card games or romance dice travel well.  

What if he wants to do something new that I don’t want to do?    Talk to your partner in advance about expectations.  Let him know that you are nervous and voice any concerns.   This is your partner for life, having this conversation before the big night is a little difficult to approach but necessary.

I am still a virgin but he isn’t.  I am really nervous.  We recommend reading a book on sex and your body before the big night.  Our book Tickle Your Fancy is a great one.  Another good book to read would be a couple’s book.  You can have an open discussion about anything that would make your nervous.  We also recommend a good lubricant and an arousal cream just in case.

We are both virgins.  A good couple’s book.  We have several in our product line.  Also, a very frank conversation beforehand.  We promise it will not distract from the spontaneity or the romance…in fact, it will put you both at ease and make the night more special.

I am worried that he won’t last long enough for me.  Men are like microwaves and women are like crock pots.  Men can have an orgasm with minimal stimulation in less than two minutes and the average women takes 15 to 45 minutes to reach orgasm.  This is a concern for a lot of women.  Our recommendation, lots of foreplay but you can also consider a prolonging cream for him or a c-ring.  Remember the stress of the day will affect him too.

When I shave my bikini area, I get a rash and sex is painful.  Shaving the bikini area is a must be the day before.  Use rash free shave cream.  We have a wonderful one in our product line.  Bring some along for trip along with some soothing aloe vera gel.  

He said he was tired and little drunk.  He didn’t want me.  Don’t think if he doesn’t want sex that it is all about you…performance anxiety, stress, tiredness and alcohol will make his performance less than stellar so to speak.  It is all about not wanting to disappoint you!  

Some additional tips…

  •  Know your lubricants.  Do not use an oil or silicone based lubricant with certain birth control methods or certain bedroom accessories.
  •  Bedroom accessories are a fantastic way to spice up your romantic lives but your wedding night is not a great time to introduce them unless you have long history of using them together or they aid in helping one partner with condition.
  •  Lingerie…you don’t have to go all out and get crazy but giving your man something visual to enjoy is arousing to him.  Just remember it will end up on the floor very quickly.  Asking your partner in advance about his either his favorite color or vision when it comes to lingerie and surprising him with it on your honeymoon is fantastic.  Maybe a few pieces for the honeymoon or better yet…walk around in nothing but his bow tie!
  •  Having a conversation about sex before the wedding is not going to dampen the spontaneity of it but rather enhance the experience and less the chances for disappointment or misunderstandings.

Feel free to email us with further questions.

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