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Being a lifetime resident of the pacific northwest let me be the first to tell you there is no lack of gorgeous backdrops for your wedding or engagement photos. Seattle has so many great places to take photographs, so creating a list that everyone can agree on is almost impossible. Here are a few of my very favorites.

Pike Place Market, 10 million people a year cannot be wrong, Pike Place Market is the most popular & unique place to visit and I think the most interesting to photograph. It’s a magnificent place to get a great shot while maybe getting a little shopping done as well.

Post Alley, Footsteps from Pike Place Market, cute little shops, yummy restaurants and the occasional street performer make up the atmosphere give post alley a cute old town feel. With wonderful architectural aspect with old brick walls that create unique and one of a kind portraits capturing old town Seattle.

Gas Works Park, in Seattle is a nice place to shoot to get an industrial look to your photographs while still able to capture incredible view points of the city from across the lake.

Pioneer Square in Seattle is a blast from the past. Pioneer Square is what Seattle may have looked like 100 years ago. Many of the old buildings are still there and it is rich diverse architecture.

Seattle Center, with the EMP, Space Needle, Science Museum and various fountains and architecture, you’ll have great fun exploring the center grounds and getting a wide varies of shots while you’re at it.

Kerry Park, in Seattle combines a combination of the Space Needle, skyline and Mt. Rainer as its backdrop. Kerry Park is probably the most picturesque location in all of Seattle.

Beacon Hill, for another great view of the city that takes in the Seahawks and Mariners stadiums as well as the skyline, the view from Beacon Hill is outstanding

Snoqualmie Falls, is one of the most popular attractions in Washington State next to Mt. Rainier and Seattle’s Pike Place market. About 45 minutes from Seattle

Anna Lorenz

Owner/ Lead Photographer

Greenfield Photography


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